GTA 6 – Release Date, Tweaks, Rumors

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Rockstar franchise is a now a well known company in the gaming industry. From the start of their block blaster games and till now they have reached to the hearts of everyone. And actually, we love the Concept on which the games are depend upon.
If you are a PC gamer then in a once you had definitely played Grand Theft Auto a.k.a GTA.
There are 5 parts of the game which has been released till now. Starting from GTA 1 to GTA 5. The game has changed a lot in Gameplay, story, graphics and every details.
The last game from the franchise is GTA 5 was released on PC at the end of 2013. The game has a huge world to explore, consists of lots of cars, guns, planes, equipments, etc and 100+ missions in single player. We can also play GTA 5 online with your friends or other players all over the world.
Now they are planning to head towards the GTA 6.
We don’t really have correct knowledge about the game and we have some rumors that we gonna share today…

Release Date
If you don’t know let me tell you Rockstar releases their games in every 10years of the decade anniversary. So we can expect that we can probably get the game GTA 6 before 2023 or many be in 2020.
Nothing is confirmed yet but lots of rumors are there which are available on the Internet and social media.

Critics are expecting that this game will also have a huge world in it just similar to the GTA 5.
The GTA 5 was based on the GTA 4, GTA 3 and San Andreas. And this time, critics expect that the game will involve the whole USA, from one end to the another.
Though the map will be too large but the developers will control the time consumption for reaching from end to end of the USA.

Environment of Game
Critics also say that this time the game will be based on the Old 90s era. Old roads, cars, buildings, etc will be like that…
The Developers want us to imagine the old era in a game mode. Truth or rumors?? Nobody knows…

Teleportation & Time Traveling
As i’ve already mentioned above, the game will have a huge area to cover and it will difficult to transfer from one place to another in less time.
Critics expect that Teleportation & Time Travel, news concept in the Gaming world will take place. Players can be able to teleport from one place to another with in a blink of eyes. They can even be able to travel with the time. (Past or Future)

A Girl Player?
Members of the Rockstar Games said that they were thinking about to add a Female Player in the GTA 4 and GTA 5 but due to some reasons they couldn’t do so.
So this time, probably we can see a Girl Player in the game. Well yes, we are also willing to control a sexy babe atleast in the Gaming World.. Haha 😂😂😂

VR – Virtual Reality
In this century, Virtually Reality is playing a major role in everybody’s life.
After the launch of the VR, people are able to watch the videos and play the games in 3D mode.
With this concept, the GTA 6 will also be made. With cool and realistic 3D experience we can be able to enjoy the game.

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