Top 10 High Graphics Android Games Under 100mb

Are you looking for High graphics android games? Are you worried about the Sizes of High graphics android games? Will those High Sized High graphics android Games work in your Smartphone?

If you are also the one who has similar questions then you are at right Place today. I will solve out your problem in this article.


Because Today I’ve bring you the “Top 10 High Graphics Android Games Under 100mb”. Yes guys, High graphics Android Games sizing less than 100mb. All the Games are compatible on Smartphones having 1GB Ram. All are having Killer Graphics and amazing game play which will surely make an addict of them. I’ve personally tried each and every game on my Budget Phone and I just love them. I hope you won’t be regret to play them.

So without any due, let’s start Our List :-

Top 10 High Graphics Android Games Under 100mb

1) N.O.V.A Legacy (26mb)

N.O.V.A. Legacy brings you the best sci-fi FPS experience in a 26 MB version.

It’s a Cool First Person Shooter Game packed up under 30mb where you will get the realistic experience.

You will need to kill the Aliens in the Air Craft for completing the mission. You will earn credits for upgrading and buying the weapons.

Online mode is also available where you can compete to 7 other players and the last one standing will be the winner.


2) Asphalt Nitro (37mb)

It’s an amazing Car Racing game by Gameloft where you can experience the HD Graphics in under 40mb.

This game has 8 different modes. Luxurious Cars like Fararri, Lamborghini, BMW, etc are available in it. You will need to compete with different drivers and drive your car faster than them to achieve first position. You will earn credits as well for buying the Cars and Accessories.

Online Gaming Mode is also available where you can compete to online members and achieve ranks on Global Battle.


3) Riptide GP 2 (52mb)

Its an online multiplayer Motor Boat Racing game where you can enjoy the real experience of Motor Boat Racing in your Smartphone.

It has 9 types of Motor Boats which you can upgrade by collecting points in the game. You can perform almost 25 tricks or stunts which makes this game more addicted. Once you will start playing, you won’t feel bore for sure…

(This Game Is For Paid At Playstore)


4) Beach Buggy Racing (89mb)

The amazing free 3D kart racing game. Race, collect, upgrade and win!

It’s another Cool Graphical Racing Game for android where you can race on 15 different tracks with 6 game modes. You will need to compete with the opponents. Almost 25 power ups are also available in the game for giving more attractive appearance to the players.

Play and win points for upgrading amazing Cars with different Cool Designs. You must play it.



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5) Sniper Fury (53mb)

The strong, amazing-looking 3D FPS sniper-shooter game you’ve been looking for is here where you a realistic gameplay and believe you will feel like the main character in game.

More than 130 action game modes with various powerful weapons makes us to play it more over and over again. Join the PVP multiplayer mode and compete the online players, beat your opponents and steal there weapons,etc…

Much more is available in the game.



6) Mission : Berlin (61mb)

A secret spy game is here. It’s based on the Famous movie “The Man From Uncle”. The main character of this game is a secret spy who has to complete different missions. The game is in story mode so you will find different difficulties in each stages. Earn points and improve the ability of your Spy. So this game is packed up with unlimited fun and you will surely start to feel like a spy. Play it and become a spy…



7) Crazy Taxi City Rush (64mb)

Crazy Taxi has always been an addictive game for the PC Gamers. Here the android gamers can also enjoy this amazing and crazy game in your Smartphone.

This game has a cool 3D graphics. You are a driver and you need to drop people at their destination within the time. Different Roads, Beaches, Bridges, etc are included in the game where you need to drive on. Perform different stunts. The earlier you will reach at the destination, the more you will earn points. Upgrade your Taxi and Improve its performance. More taxis are also available.

Play it and become a crazy driver today.



8) Counter Terrorist 2 (42mb)

It’s an amazing low sized First Person Shooting Game. The graphics and Game play are just similar to the Counter Strike.

You need to kill the enemies. Different weapons are available. Three Game Mode are there : Hard, Normal, Easy. Choose levels as per your experience and level up your game. Earn points and upgrade the weapons. More features are available in this small sized game. Try the game to know more..



9) World Cricket Championship (39mb)

This game has an amazing gift for Cricket Gamers. A low sized awesome 3D Cricket game is here.

Play the pack of three of the most electrifying cricket games in the world:
– World Cricket Championship
– World Premier League
– Super Fantasy Cricket League

Top 3 leagues in a single game. Choose your team and players. Compete with computer or your social media friends. Challenge them and win against them. All is just in a small game. With 3D Graphics and awesome gameplay. Easy controls and much more.



10) FIFA Mobile Soccer (26mb)

FIFA MOBILE SOCCER is one of the leading football game available in the playstore which gives a realistic experience to their users.

Over 30 leagues, 650 real teams, and 17,000 real players make FIFA Mobile an unique game. You can compare it with other games but you won’t get such type of gameplay in any other Football game having size of less than 100mb.

Play with your friends and global, join different events and leagues. Enhance the ability of your players and build your strong team and compete the whole world.

Note : The game is totally online. So internet connection is necessary.




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Youtube Video

If you haven’t try any of the above mentioned game then here is a Video for you so that you can get to know about the key features of all the games.

Ending Up

So, there you knew about the “Top 10 High Graphics Android Games Under 100mb“. I wish that you have found these games interesting and Storage saving games.

Comment down if you want another list of “Top 10 High Graphics Android Games Under 100mb“. I will surely write another article very soon…

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