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How To Speed Up Android Phone – 5 Useful Tips

Are you Struggling with your Android Device? Are you fed up of its slow Performance? Are you finding a solution for it’s improvement? Then you are at a right place. In this article you will get to know about the “How To Speed Up Android Phone – 5 Useful Tips”.

Before beginning let me tell you that i own a Budget Smartphone which has 1gb Ram and 8gb Storage and the tips that i’m going to mention are some of them which i use for the better performance of my Smartphone. I do get the Better outcome after following those 5 Tips.

Each tip is observed and tried by myself. So I’m 100% sure that they will help you for Improving your phone’s speed. Kindly read the article carefully for better outcome. So, let’s talk about them…

“How To Speed Up Android Phone – 5 Useful Tips”


Tip 1 :- Don’t Use Any Ram Booster

People think that after installing those Ram Boosters which are easily available on Playstore, there Smartphones will work fast as a Rocket. (Sounds Creepy)

But that’s not a fact or truth, the reality is that those third party applications stop the Work of those apps which are working in Background. We think that it’s good thing and it can clean some Ram for better performance. But it doesn’t works like the way it suppose to do.


  • They do clean the ram but they even consume ram for running on an Android device.
  • They even consume enough battery in two ways. 1) The app consumes battery by itself. 2) when you open an app which has been cleaned by the ram booster, then that app also consumes battery while restarting.

So the ram boosters are useless. You can manually stop the application from the settings whenever you feel the laggy performance of your Smartphone.

Tip 2 :- Uninstall Useless Applications

Some people do install 10-15 apps on their Smartphones and mainly use only 4-6 apps. It’s also a reason why their phones work slow.


  • The applications do consume some space of the Phone’s Storage which affects the Phone’s performance because an android needs some space of its storage so that it can store cache data, and other necessary data for working smooth.
  • The Useless apps consume some ram and work in Background, hence affect the performance of Android.
  • Even each of them consume some battery for working in Background.

So better to uninstall those Useless apps.

Tip 3 :- Reset Your Phone’s Data

After every 2-3 months, an Android needs to be restored for the better performance.

Due to regularly working, the phone stores a huge amount of Cached data because of installed apps and that needs to be clear for the Better performance and free storage. So the user needs to reset the android device with in 2-3 months.

Tip 4 :- Don’t update Phone or applications

Sometimes, the company serves buggy android updates to it’s users which hence affects the performance of an Android device. Sometimes people face Heating problem, Storage problem, Battery Drainage Problem, or any Interface Problems.

So before ​updating the device, the user needs to check the Reviews of the updates from google and then should take the decision.

Another thing is apps updates. App owners know that the marking is growing rapidly and the powerful Smartphones has been launched in the Market. So they provide updates according to such phones.

Before updating heavy applications users should check the reviews about those applications and then should take the decision. Better not to install heavy applications if you have an Android device of below 2gb Ram and 16Gb storage.

Tip 5 :- Keep Up to 1Gb Free Space in your Smartphone

If you are a regular android user and you love to download songs, videos, apps etc from Internet, then its a very necessary tip for you.

Most of the android device perform worst due to lack of storage and I’ve mentioned this in above tips as well.

An Android needs to store cache data and necessary apps data. Sometimes it can’t able to store such data due to lack of storage and due to this Android gets confused while reading and writing the data to the android. Hence, it performs leggy and sometimes shuts down automatically.

So for preventing your device from such problem, you need to keep up to 1Gb space in your Smartphone so that it can work gently.

Ending Up

So these were the “How To Speed Up Android Phone – 5 Useful Tips”.  Always remember and follow these tips for the better performance of your android phone. Believe me if you follow these tips then you can also find a Budget android phone useful.

You can also watch the video for Improving your android’s performance. I wish my tips and Video helped you…

Article written by Shubham Shah

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