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It has always been a challenging task for us to play PC Games on an android. People try different methods for eg: Installing Emulators on Android, Downloading Fake compressed file, Installing Fake app which claim to work as pc, etc but after trying different methods, we end up with failure and thats due to the lack of knowledge. We first need to know the overall difference between a PC and an Android. Android is an alternative of Pc which can perform most of tasks that a Pc can do but in a limit and we are not able to cross that limit. And Pc is an ultimate source which can do almost every single mental work, we can also call it as source of Intelligence.

Both are different Players of their own fields. Both have different processors, Different frequency of Rams, Different GPUs, Different Size Size and shape.

We also know that a single PC game of today takes upto more than 25-30gb storage and requires 4gb or more ram , graphics card, powerful processor and still we think that they can work on our android phone.

So, it’s near the impossible work for us to make an android perform as a Pc so that we can play HD games. But there is something we can do is that instead of storing games in our smartphones and giving them access to consume large amount of ram.We can use CLOUD Storage” where we can download our games in cloud storage and play them anytime with the help of any android app. There comes an idea of “Cloud Gaming” which is the ultimate source of Mobile Gaming where we can play Online Games on different consoles, pc, android, etc.

I hope you are familiar with Steam for Pc which is also a source of Cloud Gaming but for Pc users where you have to Buy each game before downloading and then you can enjoy them in your pc. just like that there is an Android which is available on Playstore and works just as Steam.

Liquid Sky – Ultimate Android Gaming


Liquid Sky works as a Cloud Gaming service Provider where you will get cloud storage for storing your games. Storage depends upon the Plan you will buy on it. Various High Graphics games including most of the PC Games can be downloadable in Cloud Storage. You will need to have a working Internet Connection of 15-20mbps for accessing the application. The Application of “LIQUID SKY” is available for Android users, Windows Users on Playstore, Microsoft Store. It will be available soon for IOS users.


Android – Download

Windows – Download

Is Internet Necessary?


Yes, Internet is the only way which connects Liquidsky to the servers and lets you enjoy the games. Good internet connection of upto 15-20mbps of speed is required for smooth gaming experience. Be sure to have good internet speed for playing the game otherwise you may face Server Connection problem and that can ruin your gaming experience.


How Does It Works?


It’s very surprising that “How Can Those Heavy Games Work On An Android”. Basically it works on online servers which connects to the Smartphone and works as a virtual cloud Pc. The real games downloads in your cloud storage and then the LiquidSky converts the game which can be playable on Smartphones.

All you need to do is to Create an account in the application and buy a suitable plan of Cloud Storage for storing the Downloaded games. After that, you can download unlimited games and enjoy them.


How much to Pay?


You will need to create an account and pay a subscription amount for purchasing the licence. Then you can download any game on your LiquidSky’s Cloud Storage. The Basic Subscription plan starts from $9.99 which provides 100gb of Cloud Storage. More plans are also available. You can check them.


Minimum Requirement

Android device must be running on Marshmallow 6.0 or more, 1gb ram or more, 50+ mb storage and Windows device must be running on Windows 8 or more,2gb ram or more, 250mb storage for application of “Liquid Sky”

A subscribed Cloud Storage Account for Storing games.

Better internet connection of upto 15-20mbps speed. Better to use WIFI.

TIP :- For Better Gaming Experience you must Buy a Game Controller.

Ending up

So what are you waiting for now? Download the app and buy a subscription. Download some Cool HD games that you always wanted to do and enjoy them with some Popcorns…


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