10 Cheapest Smartphone Gadgets Under 500rs

Nowadays everyone has smartphones and they use it in there daily life. People buy various stuffs to enhance the looks of their handsets and yes, there are various things available in market for smartphones. so i’ve also found some cool smartphone gadgets to enhance your smartphone’s use without affecting your budget because all the products can be bought under Rs500. So without any further due, lets start the list…

10 Cheapest Smartphone Gadgets Under 500Rs

1.Magnetic Mobile Charger

If you are tired of your phone’s traditional charger, there is gadget which can be helpful for you. Every time when we get out smartphone for charging, we have to put the charging cable in the mobiles charging point and after charging we have to put it out and its really irritating when we accidentally pull the charger cable and our beloved smartphone dived out from the desk and fall on the floor and sometimes display gets breaks.

So to avoid that kind of hazards, uses this magnetic charger cable which is really helpful at charging time.You can easily plug it using its magnetic power and easily plug it out. So at really cheap price we should consider this gadget’s uses and must use this product once.

Pros 1.Easy To Carry

2.Easy To Use

3.Compatible With All Smartphones

4.Good Charging Speed

Cons 1.The Quality Of The Wire Is Not Good Enough.

2.Little Highly Priced

3.Not Compatible With All Kind Of Chargers


Buy Magnetic Mobile Charger

2.USB Lighter

We use USB charger, cable, pen drive.card reader,data cable but do you use USB lighter?Yes this USB lighter is really cool gadget as its front side you get a pen drive and its backside you get a laughter.This lighter can fire any Burnable products such like papers, clothes, cigars etc.

At any time it really useful gadget which you must have.This USB lighter lights up for few seconds(4-5 Seconds) and can fire up many things.

Top 5 Cheapest Smartphone Gadgets You Can Buy Under 500Rs On Amazon

Pros 1.Very Useful Product

2.Easy To Use

3.Good Power Managment

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Cons 1.Not For Everyone (18+ Only)

2.No Indicator For THe Battery Percentage

3.USB Fan For Smartphone

Introducing USB fan for your smartphones.this fan is the really useful gadget for your smartphone as you can use this USB fan without the electricity source.just you need to plug the USB port to your phone’s charging point and boom the fan will start rotating and you can get a sufficient amount of air from it.Now you are a little bit confused that from where the fan is getting the energy to rotate so let me tell you, the USB fan is getting power from your smartphone battery for that why the fan is rotating a little bit slow while your phone is not fully charged.So you should use this fan as if there is out of electricity and too much hot then you can use this awesome gadget to get cool.

Pros 1.Very Useful Gadget

2.Easy To Use

Cons 1.The Quality Is Not Good.

2.Take So Much Power To Run.

4.Mobile Data Cable

Top 5 Cheapest Smartphone Gadgets You Can Buy Under 500Rs On Amazon

Pros 1.Built Quality Is Good

2.Small In Size

Cons 1.Sometime Not Works.

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5.Selfi Flash Light

5.Selfi Flash Light

Pros 1.Very Useful Gadget

2.Good Product Quality

Cons 1.Took Soo Much Battery To Use


6.Ring Smartphone Holder

If you use your smartphone while you are laying on the bed and your smartphone slips from your hand and strike on your face so you are not alone as it happens to so many other people.

So I have a simple solution for it.Just get this Ring Holder for your smartphone to hold it in your ring finger easily and use it easily.

Just paste the holder base to your phone’s back cover and use it can buy this ring holder under 300Rs easily from any shopping websites.I have mentioned Amazon link so you want to buy it you can go there and do it.

Pros 1.Very Useful Gadget

2.Easy To Use

3.Low In Cost

Cons 1.Not Stick In All Phones


7.Audio Splitter

We all love to hear music some time use earphones or sometimes we use speakers.But in public places, we use our earphones to listen to your favorite music.But sometimes we have to share the earphone with our friends so we both can enjoy the music but none of us can enjoy it fully so I have a solution for it.

You can buy this Audio Splitter so that you can share your music into two different earphones/headphones.Audio Splitter mainly fits on out 3.5mm audio jack and can split the audio output to different output devices.

You can connect as much earphones/headphones as your Audio Splitter supports to share.

Pros 1.Easy To Use

2.Very Handy Product

3.Easy To Carry

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Cons 1.Sound Quality From It Is Not So Well.

2.Product Quality Is Bit Bad (The 3.5mm Jack Don’t Work Well)

8.Zipper Earphones

If your headphones tangled so much and this thing irritates you so much then you can buy this awesome tangle free earphones under 300Rs.

From the name, we can easily know that this earphone as a zipper and yes it has a zipper which helps to spread the length of the two earpods so you can adjust them as you want.

From the name, we can easily know that this earphone as a zipper and yes it has a zipper which helps to spread the length of the two earpods so you can adjust them as you want.

Coming up to its sound quality it’s really amazing and the bass of this earphones is really high.Its built quality is not so good but according to this price margin, it is okay.

Pros 1.Quality Earphones

2.Easy To Use

3.Good Sound Quality

Cons 1.Little Over Priced (Buy Offline)

2.The Zipper Quality Is Bad (Zipper Broked)

9.Mobile Photography Lens

If you love to take photos but you don’t have a quality camera such as DSLR but you have a quality smartphone camera then don’t worry I have a surprise for you.

This gadget name is Mobile Photography Lens which you buy in just ₹230 you can use your smartphone to take amazing pictures.This lens has a macro lens which will help you to take macro shots.

In this price range, the quality of the lens is surprisingly amazing and the photos are taken from it are really awesome.

If you want to buy this lens then the links are provided below.

Pros 1.Easy To Use

2.Good Quality Photos Can Be Taken.

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Cons 1.The Lens Quality Is Not Well.

2.Sometime Lens Got Blurred.


10.Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Who does not love to hear music?everybody loves music.So the last gadget in our list is a Bluetooth speaker but this Bluetooth speaker is a special one.This Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof so you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere.

You can get the speaker in just ₹322 from Amazon.

Pros  1.The Sound Quality Is Awesome

2.There Is Variety In Colours Of The Speakers You Can Choose.

3.Easy To Access (on/off/volume up/volume down)

4.Auto Paring, Easy To Connect

Cons 1.The Overall Quality Is Not So Good.

2.Sometime Disconnect Suddenly.

3.Buttons Are Not So Respondable.

So here are my this month’s Top 5 Cheapest Smartphone Gadgets You Can Buy Under 500Rs. I wish this list might helped you to find some amazing stuffs for your smartphone. I must suggest you to buy any of them…

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